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As a working musician, Charlie Hannagan regularly performs almost 200 shows a year in a complete range of styles and venues. His knowledge of vocal production and guitar has been accumulated through years of high level performance experiences and intense studies. While trained in operatic and bel canto traditions, Charlie has made a career in the world of pop, theatrical, and contemporary commercial music.

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Solo artist, musician, singer, band leader, actor, and music director are some of the many roles Charlie regularly assumes to help fill out his diverse performance schedule year after year. Mostly a solo singer/guitarist, Charlie also routinely performs with top level Philadelphia-based agency bands and routinely shares the stage with the area’s strongest talents. As a multi-instrumentalist, Charlie finds himself often performing in pit orchestras, choirs, as well as being an in demand session musician with the reputation of being able to "simply show up for the gig.” 

Spring of 2019 brought Charlie back to the world of acting where he took on the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar at the Milton Theatre. The run played to mostly sold out houses and accompanied a fully self-produced album of highlights from the show featuring members from the cast. 

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As a teacher, Charlie combines a holistic, whole-body approach to singing with his 20+ years of experience in various professional and regional performance settings. This allows his students the ability to explore various vocal techniques not typically (or safely) taught in our area, with a concerted focus on the types of conditioning needed for the demands of a modern day performer: breath control/support, vocal anatomy and physiology, resonance, vocal rest/recovery, and more. 

Charlie studied vocal performance and music theory at the University of the Arts and University of Delaware, and has studied voice with Broadway coach and Philly Pops Choral director Jeff Kern, as well as two-time Metropolitan Opera Council winner Daniel Cole. He holds certifications in Logic Pro (Pro Audio Recording Software) and completed a group teaching methods class by Apple, Inc.

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In late 2018 Charlie could officially label himself not only as a recording hobbyist and enthusiast, but also an artist. After years of writing original music, and completing his certification in Logic Pro X, Charlie released his first EP of original music Songs From Another Life. This was quickly followed by a release of the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah and a highlights album featuring hits from the show Jesus Christ Superstar (all of which are available for streaming and download everywhere!). In that time, Charlie also converted an unused room in his home into Zen Room Studios. This small but treated space is located in the heart of the Pike Creek Valley in northern Delaware, and is an ideal space for recording small projects, practice, small rehearsals, and other small scale creative endeavors. The Superstar highlights album was entirely recorded, mixed, and mastered in Zen Room Studios. Charlie uses Zen Room Studios to record new music, cover songs, and to work with local musicians who may not otherwise have access to both: studio quality equipment as well as his experience.

About Charlie: Bio
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